Is it Better to Work for Government, Non-Profit, or For-Profit?

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How do you measure the meaning of your daily work? Does your work encourage human flourishing? Does it make a difference? There are three types of agencies in the world that make it their mission to improve people’s lives: government, nonprofit, and for-profit. Does one of these agencies have a higher calling? Jim Stout and Katie Tarara discuss their transition from one agency to another. Their jobs changed, but their faith remained the focal point of their journey.

Jim Stout

Jim Stout is the Vice President of the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation, one of the sponsors of Jubilee Professional. Jim has spent his career in both nonprofit leadership and corporate business development, helping people solve problems, develop purpose, and grow capacity.

Katie Tarara

Katie Tarara currently serves as the Manager of Partner and Client Services at the CMMI Institute. Katie has spent her career across both the non-profit and for-profit sectors, with experience in campus ministry, leadership development, and technology advancement.

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