Dave Bindewald

dave-bindewaldDave serves in campus ministry with the CCO, and is currently working with grad students at PITT’s Schools of Medicine and Dentistry. He is also the Director of Spiritual Formation and Teaching for Christ Community Church of the South Hills.

While in college, Dave was knocked off his horse by the idea that every part of Creation could be perfected, and just the possibility that learning, work, and play could continue into what we call Heaven has kept him coming back to the Jubilee weekend for 15 years.

Dave is captivated by the idea (and nearly convinced) that God intends human work to be an act of play and exploration. He has developed a 9-month experience called the Play & Exploration Cohort to nurture adults in curiosity, wonder, and child-likeness that is yielding some fascinating results.

He enjoys being surprised, loves the rock n roll, and is forever grateful for the influence the Play & Exploration Cohorts have had on his life.  Dave & Erin live in the Highland Park neighborhood of Pittsburgh with their three daughters.