The Significance of Play and Exploration

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What does the word “play” mean to you? Does play suggest only frivolity and nonsense, or could it have some greater purpose in our lives? Led by minister Dave Bindewald, the participants of the first ever Play and Exploration Cohort share how stepping into wonder and curiosity has transformed their perspectives on vocation, creativity, and flourishing. Participants include: Evonne Baldauff, Mark DeJohn, Damon Lewis, Andrea Synowiec, and Brandon Szuminsky.

Leader: Dave Bindewald

Dave serves in campus ministry with the CCO, and is currently working with grad students at PITT’s Schools of Medicine and Dentistry. He is also the Director of Spiritual Formation and Teaching for Christ Community Church of the South Hills. While in college, Dave was knocked off his horse by the idea that every part of Creation…

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